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Syria troops continue anti-terrorist offensive in Aleppo



Syrian government troops and allied forces have purged militants from territories in the west-central province of Hama, adding to the gains recently made against the terrorists in the province.

Syrian forces retook the villages of Maan and al-Kabariya, which were overran by the terrorists last month, said the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on Sunday.

Syrian fighter jets also targeted terrorist positions in the towns of Murak and Taybat al-Imam, the city of Suran, and the villages of Atshan and al-Lataminah in the province.

On Saturday, Syrian troops recaptured several other towns and villages in the region, including al-Talisiya, al-Qahira and Tel al-Usud.

At the end of August, the Takfiri militants started a huge offensive in the province and seized a number of towns and villages.

Meanwhile, Syrian soldiers have been pushing forward with their offensive against militant-held parts of the Aleppo, which has been divided since 2012 between government forces in the west and foreign-backed terrorists in the east, making it a frontline battleground.

“Clashes on the ground as well as fierce air strikes went on all night and are continuing Sunday, especially in the Sheikh Said district” said observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman.

The country’s al-Watan newspaper noted that the offensive makes way for “a crucial and decisive land offensive.”

Syrians fleeing from the town of Suran, in northern Hama, drive past burning vehicles on September 1, 2016, after militants took control of the town from Syrian government forces. (Photo by AFP)


According to the official SANA news agency, a baby was killed and two people were injured by militant shelling in the government-held part of the city.

The Syrian army launched operations to reunite the government-held western part and the militant-held eastern section of Aleppo on September 22.

Syria has been gripped by foreign-backed militancy over the past five and a half years, which has claimed the lives of around 400,000 people. In recent months, the Takfiri militants have suffered major setbacks as the Syrian army has managed to liberate several areas.

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