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Syria in Last 24 Hours: Terrorists Sustain Heavy Losses in Army Offensive in Idlib


The Syrian army and popular forces continued their military operations against the terrorist groups in Idlib province, and inflicted heavy losses on them over the past 24 hours.
The Syrian army killed and wounded scores of the terrorists in Idlib province.

The terrorist groups also sustained heavy casualties in other key provinces across Syria.


A logistic convoy prepared by Fatah al-Sham (the newly formed al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group previously known as al-Nusra Front) was destroyed by the Russian and Syrian fighter jets in Idlib province on Tuesday.

The Russian and Syrian warplanes bombed a convoy of military equipment and weapons heading to Southern Aleppo in Idlib, field sources said.

They added that airstrikes in Saraqib, Sarmin, Kafar Takhrim, Jabal al-Arbaeen, Ram al-Hamdan and the industrial zone in Idlib also smashed the terrorists’ equipment and weapons and killed and wounded tens of militants.

Also, the Syrian fighter jets targeted and destroyed the terrorists’ aid convoys that were moving from Idlib to Aleppo.

The Syrian warplanes heavily struck the Idlib-Aleppo supply lines of Fatah al-Sham in Idlib on Monday, destroying their vehicles and cargos, battlefield sources announced.

At least 12 pick-up vans of the terrorists were destroyed in the Syrian army’s attacks near the town of al-Dana.


The Syrian army continued its advances in Aleppo province and captured two strategic hilltops and a key village on Tuesday.

The Syrian army took full control of al-Sanoubarat and al-Mahrouqat hilltops and al-Amara village to the South of the city of Aleppo.

Meantime, the Syrian army destroyed two tanks of the terrorists in Tal Bazu region to the Southwest of Aleppo city, killing all the tanks’ crews.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Syrian army and resistance forces continued their advances in Aleppo province and they captured al-Borqi, Al-Ziwat and Zahra al-Hauz workshops along a strategic road leading to al-Taslih college.

The Syrian government and resistance forces still continue their mop-up operations along al-Taslih road.

The resistance forces also purged terrorists from al-Baz, Mouteh and al-Mohebeh heights in Aleppo province.

Meantime, the Syrian army units backed by popular forces inched closer to the liberation of Handarat camp and region by taking control of several vital areas there.

The terrorists came under the government forces’ fierce attacks in Shaher district which is very close to Handarat military camp when they tried to regain control of the lost territories.

Scores of the terrorists were killed and wounded in the Syrian army offensives in Shaher district.


The Syrian army continued hitting the terrorists’ military positions and gathering centers in Sweida province, and inflicted heavy losses on them.

The ISIL sustained heavy losses when their gathering centers came under the Syrian army attacks to the East of the village of Khalkhala village.

Meantime, another army unit carried out intensive strikes on ISIL’s military positions in Rajm al-Dawla the Northeast of Sweida city, destroying two vehicles with all terrorists on board.


The Syrian army launched several attacks on the terrorists’ military positions and gathering centers in the city of Dara’a and destroyed their command centers on Tuesday.

The terrorists sustained heavy losses in the Syrian army attacks on Dara’a al-Balad district in Dara’a city.

The strikes resulted in destroying two command sites in al-Arbaeen neighborhood, and many terrorists were killed and injured to the North of the Post Office, to the West of al-Omari Mosque, and to the East of al-Hamza region and al-Abass Mosque.


The Syrian fighter jets pounded the military positions and gathering centers of the ISIL terrorists in the Eastern suburbs of the city of Salamiyah on Tuesday.

The Syrian air force hit hard the ISIL’s gathering centers in the Northern part of the village of al-Mofaker in Eastern Salamiyah, villages of Aqirbat region and the surrounding areas of Abu Hanaya.

In the Northern part of Hama province, the Syria fighter jets launched four raids on the gathering centers of Fath al-Sham Front (The Conquest of Syria Front – the newly-formed al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups previously known as al-Nusra Front) in al-Latamana, killing and wounding a large number of terrorists.


The Syrian army continued to inflict heavy losses on the terrorists in the Eastern part of Homs as the country’s air force hit hard ISIL’s military positions in the Eastern and Southeastern parts of the province.

The Syrian army units backed by Syrian and Russian air forces struck ISIL’s military positions in the surrounding areas of Arak oil field and the Eastern parts of Palmyra (Tadmur) silos.

A large number of the ISIL terrorists were killed in the Syrian and Russian strikes while many others were injured.

Several of the terrorists’ armored vehicles and machinegun-equipped vehicles were destroyed to the East of al-Quaryatyn city, some 85 kilometers to the Southeast of Homs city.

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