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Iran: US hostility no longer works in swaying global opinions



Iran’s cabinet spokesperson Nobakht said some foreign banks are not cooperating with Iran due to US pressure, adding this hostile behavior no longer works in influencing global opinions.

In a briefing session on Tuesday, Cabinet Spokesperson Mohammad Bagher Nobakht noted the reopening of Iranian bank accounts as one of the major economic outcomes of the implementation of the nuclear deal dubbed JCPOA.

According to Nobakhat, despite the hostilities of US government against Iran, the Islamic Republic has been able to receive 5 billion dollar investment on oil reserves as part of a contract with France’s Total; “deals have also been signed with South Korea for an investment of 8 billion dollars,” he added.

Concerning the country’s persisting problems with major internatioanl banks for money transactions despite the recent investments, Nobakht maintained “recent investments indicate a great leap forward, however there are different aspects to European banks’ unwillingness to cooperate with us.”

If a bank is willing to work with us, they will see our capabilities. There are still threats made by the US, but these threats can no longer hinder investments as they did in the past. Some banks choose not to work with, “thanks to US hostility”, but this animosity has lost its influence, he added.

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