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Syria condemns US arbitrary veto at UNSC against draft resolution to stop aggression on Gaza

Damascus, SANA-Syria strongly condemned the arbitrary and shameful use of veto by the United States of America  at the Security Council against a draft resolution submitted by Algeria to stop the aggression against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

“The United Nations Security Council witnessed yesterday another dark chapter after the US vetoed a resolution on halting aggression on Gaza for the 4th time  .” Foreign and Expatraites Ministry said in a statement.

Following 138 days of aggression that murdered 29 thousand Palestinians at the hands of Israeli occupation, the US persists not to vote pretending that the time is not suitable for a resolution demanding ceasefire in Gaza, the ministry went to say, adding that America is laso insits to provide political and military cover to Israel to commit such war crimes against those remained alive from children, women and elders in Palestine.

“Syria calls on the UNSC to assume its responsibilities and stop the crimes of genocide committed by Israel and affirms the need for the Counsel to bear its responsibility in preserving the lives of the Palestinians, rejecting their repeated displacement, and ensuring their access to their legitimate rights, foremost of which is establishing their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.” the statement read.

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