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Sunni cleric raps absence of Syria at conf. in Cairo



Shaykh Maher Hammoud referred to the Conference on Freedom and Citizenship which was recently held in Egypt and said this conference was attended by a large number of scholars and tribal leaders from Egypt and from some Arab and Islamic countries, including a large delegation from Lebanon, Taqrib News Agency (TNA) quoted Rasa as saying.

The head of International Union of Resistance Scholars said that the speech of the Grand Imam of al-Azhar, Shaykh Ahmad al-Tayyib, has also been thoroughly and accurately investigated but unfortunately nobody has paid attention to his words.

Shaykh Hammoud regretted the absence of a delegation from Syria at the conference and said that Syria is now at the forefront of the war on terrorism, is engaging in a difficult war against the terrorists and has been victorious and has also protected the pulpits and mosques.

“Despite the conspiracies and the six-year-old war, many Syrian scholars haven’t fallen under the influence of the terrorists,” he said.

His Eminence said officials of the conference were completely familiar with this issue and had called for the presence of these scholars but with the aim of satisfying some of the countries and movements which support terrorism, they prevented the participation of Syrian representatives at the conference.

In regard to the statements made by Ahmad Abul-Ghayt, the Secretary-General of the Arab League at the conference, Shaykh Hammoud said, “One of the signs of the backwardness of the Arabs is that someone who is the Secretary-General of the Arab League should be tried for supporting the war on the Gaza Strip.”

The Lebanese Sunni scholar said that Abul-Ghayt was involved in the most hideous scenes of the history of the Islamic ummah participated alongside the scholars and missionaries and spoke about freedom, citizenship and combatting terrorism. “Unfortunately, such a person comes to Lebanon and is welcomed by the authorities.”

He expressed concern over the continued armed conflicts in the Ayn al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp near Sidon, saying, “This disease is completely familiar and its remedy has been specified but no one dare to treat this disease. Consequently, the conflict will continue and no one can stand against it.”

Shaykh Hammoud stated that the inability to treat the problems of the Islamic world represents a small part of our weakness and deterioration and added, “The international community also hasn’t shown any reaction to the developments in Ayn al-Hilweh and thus, the succession of destruction will continue.”

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