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Aleppo: Syrian Forces Ready for Final Phase of Manbij Operation


The Manbij Military Council, affiliated to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), announced that its fighters are ready to launch the last phase of their operation in Northeastern Aleppo and free the town of Manbij form the ISIL.
“Our campaign for martyr Faisal Abu Layla for liberating Manbij and its countryside from ISIL terrorism is ongoing,” the council said. “We are besieging the city from the East, North and South, after cutting off the ISIL supply lines from three directions. Our forces also took over the road between Jarabulus and Manbij, and between Manbij and Raqqa,” the Manbij Military Council (MMC) said.

“We are able to target ISIL militants inside the city of Manbij, but the existence of civilians and our care about the safety of these families push us to be patient to raid the town and terrorist centers inside the town,” the MMC, which operates within the Kurdish-led SDF said.
In relevant developments on Thursday, the SDF in cooperation with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) continued their advances against the ISIL terrorists in Eastern Aleppo and cut off the terrorists’ supply lines in Manbij-Aleppo road.
Local sources announced on Thursday that the Kurdish-led forces took full control over Manbij-Aleppo road in the Eastern parts of Aleppo province.
A senior member of Manbij city council promised the residents imminent victory against the terrorists.

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