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Spokesman Stresses Iraqi Popular Forces’ Major Role in Tal Afar Operations



Spokesman of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces Ahmed al-Asadi underlined that the PMF will certainly participate in the operations to take back the strategic region of Tal Afar from the ISIL terrorists.

“The PMF’s partnership in the liberation of Tal Afar is for sure and we will witness the start of these operations in the next few days,” al-Asadi told FNA on Wednesday.

He said that the PMF is powerfully fighting alongside the Iraqi army against terrorists in Nineveh province, and added that the popular forces are now deployed in regions between Tal Abateh in the South to Sanjar in the North and are assisting other forces in the operations to liberate the remaining regions in the Northwestern and Western parts of Mosul.

Twelve ISIL militants were killed as Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces encountered on Monday an attack by the group against Talet Hassani region, West of Mosul.

“The fourth brigade troops encountered an attack launched by ISIL militants against Talet Hassani, Western Mosul,”  PMF media service said in a statement.

“12 ISIL members were killed as the troops repelled the attack.”

In related news, the popular forces downed a drone guided by ISIL in the Western side of the city.

“Troops of the 26th brigade were able to down a drone through which the militants were trying to scout out the freed city of Badush, west of Mosul,” the service said.

“The unmanned plane was trying to scout for the troops in Badush to check their capabilities and presence,” it added.

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