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ISIS Terrorists Escape Huweija with Shaved Off Faces

ISIS Terrorists Escape Huweija with Shaved Off Faces
ISIS Terrorists Escape Huweija with Shaved Off Faces

As Iraqi soldiers and popular forces have become ready to launch the final phase of Mosul liberation operation in Northern Nineve, the ISIL terrorists, mostly with shaved off faces, have started fleeing Huweija region.
“The time table of the Iraqi Armed Forces and announcing a final date for the liberation of Mosul on one hand, and the government forces’ eye-catching victories in Northern Salahuddin and Southeastern Nineveh on the other hand, have caused the ISIL terrorists to shave off their beard and flee the battlefields to find safer shelters,” the sources said.
“Iraqi armed forces have dispatched a large volume of army and mainly Russian-made ammunition to Huweija to reinvigorate this front,” the sources said, adding, “Iraqi warplanes have launched several combat flights over ISIL’s positons to pave the ground for easier advances of the ground troops in Huweija battlefield.”
Military sources said on Sunday that the Iraqi army’s engineering unit managed to build a floating bridge on the Tigris River to connect al-Qayyara and al-Makhmur strategic regions to each other.
The Iraqi army’s floating bridge was mounted on Haj Ali village to the East and Ajhala village to the West.
The Iraqi news sites reported that building the bridge on the Tigris river in such short time was regarded a big achievement.
The floating bridge in Mosul liberation operations will pave the way for the Iraqi army to take control of other parts of Mosul; FNA reported.

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