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Spain offers job to Syria refugee mistreated in Hungary

A Syrian asylum seeker who was mistreated by a camerawoman in Hungary has been offered a job as a soccer trainer in Spain.

According to reports, Osama Abdul Mohsen arrived in the Spanish capital city of Madrid on Wednesday upon an invitation by Miguel Ángel Galán, the director of Spain’s National Soccer Coach Training Center (Cenafe).

During his train journey to Spain, the refugee was accompanied by his two sons, Zaid, 7, and Mohammad, 18, and also Mohamed Labrouzi, a student of the training center who had traveled to Munich to inform Mohsen about Cenafe’s proposal.

The Spanish center aims to rent an apartment for Mohsen and his family in Getafe city, south of Madrid.

Mohsen was a professional soccer coach in the eastern Syrian province of Deir al-Zour before fleeing the deadly conflict in the war-ridden Arab country.


Lives changed forever

“We are a center for coaches and we like to help everyone who works in this area,” said Galán, Cenafe’s director.

Meanwhile, Sara Hernández, the mayor of Getafe, announced that the institution under her watch “will work with Getafe FC so that the father can coach there, seeing as he has experience in that area,” adding, “This is a step to show the solidarity of the city of Getafe in response to this human drama.”

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