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Sirmaniyah Secured by the Syrian Army; Scores of Terrorists Killed in Idlib and Hama

Terrorists from Jaysh Al-Fatah suffered heavy casualties on the second day of their offensive, losing over 100 militants during their attacks at the Brick Factory near Al-Mastouma (Idlib Governorate), Jisr Al-Shughour (Idlib Governorate), and the Al-Ghaab Plain (Hama Governorate).

The foreign-backed social media activists reported on a number of occasions, the alleged capture of Sirmaniyah in west Hama, despite numerous Syrian Arab Army (SAA) support pages denying the loss of the town and checkpoints on the western outskirts.

According to a military source in Hama, the town of Sirmaniyah was not captured by the terrorists; however, they attempted to penetrate into the town on a number of occasions on Thursday, with limited success due to the fierce resistance from the SAA and National Defense Forces.

The source added that the terrorists were able to capture the Al-Taba’ Checkpoint and the Old Town Checkpoint at the western axis of Sirmaniyah; meanwhile, the SAA and NDF secured the Al-Qahra Checkpoint before nightfall on Thursday.

As a result of their large-scale attack at Sirmaniyah, the militants from the Syrian Al-Qaeda group lost their field commander, “Abu ‘Azzam Al-Jazrawi” (Saudi national) during the initial attack on Thursday morning.

Some of the identified terrorists killed on Thursday at Idlib and Hama:

‘Abdullah Al-Nisaar
Ghazi Hilaal
‘Akrimat Jarkeen
‘Abdel-Warath Khalil Al-‘Umar (Saudi)
Khaled Kharzoum
Hassan Khayrou Al-Qadi (Saudi)
Ahmad Qassim Qaasmou (Saudi)
“Abu Haraam Al-Tadmiri
“Abu ‘Abdullah Al-Masraba
‘Abdel-Rahman Al-Muhajar
“Abu ‘Abdel-Wahid Al-Taqani (Saudi)
‘Abdullah Al-Habshi (Ethiopian leader of ‘Ajnad Al-Sham)
Abu Samer Al-Ansari (suicide bomber)
“Abu ‘Azzam Al-Jazrawi” (Saudi leader of Jabhat Al-Nusra)
Anas Al-Hammoud
Suheil Al-Ghaneemah
Hussein Mohammad Al-Fahal
Hussam Mohammad Al-Darweesh
Ahmad ‘Abdel-Haleem Khazoum
Hazem ‘Abdel-Majeed Al-Fajar
“Abu Al-Tayeb”
‘Ali Abu ‘Adlat
‘Ammar ‘Abdullah Al-Jassim
Samer Al-Nawaf

Source: Almasdarnews

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