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Desperate jihadist offensive in Daraa ends in disaster



The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is set to launch a massive field operation in the provincial capital of Dara’a in the coming days.

However, in the mean-time, the jihadist rebels of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) took it upon themselves to launch their own assault on the Syrian Army’s positions in the Al-Manashiyah District.

Completely outnumbered by the Syrian Arab Army, the jihadist rebels stormed the government-held territory in Al-Manashiyah, where they were confronted by a large force comprised of soldiers from the 5th Armored Division and 4th Mechanized Division.

Within hours of launching the attack, the jihadist rebels managed to suffer heavy casualties, while also having two tanks severely damaged and three MLRS rocket launchers destroyed by the Syrian Arab Army.

Following the failed jihadist offensive, the Syrian and Russian air forces launched more than 20 airstrikes over HTS’ positions in the Dara’a Al-Balad District; these aerial attacks would inflict heavy damage on the militant defenses.

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