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Senior Terrorist Commander Assassinated by Unknown Gunmen in Southern Syria


Hamada Sari al-Sharqawi, a field commander of Shohada Nowa terrorist group, was gunned down by unknown attackers in Northwestern Dara’a on Wednesday.

Hamada Sari al-Sharqawi, the commander of Shohada Nowa terrorist group affiliated to the Free Syrian Army (FSA), was killed by unknown raiders in the town of Nowa in Northwestern Dara’a.

Assassination of an increasing number of commanders, specially by means of gunfire, is an unprecedented move in Dara’a, as assassination operations were mostly carried out via roadside bomb blast.

On Friday, ISIL stormed the positions of a rival terrorist group affiliated to the FSA in the Southern province of Dara’a.

The ISIL’s attack – as described by local activists – targeted FSA-affiliated rebels in Hayt town where heavy firefight broke up as ISIL attempted to score an advance.

Meanwhile, the West-backed FSA militiamen bombed – with artillery and MLRs – the towns of Jaleen and Sahm al-Golan; two ISIL heartlands and the launch-pad of the recent assault.

Two weeks ago, ISIL launched an onslaught against rebel fighters in the area, killing more than 25 and wounding dozens.

The Southern province of Dara’a is expected to be the next destination for the Syrian forces after concluding the evacuation agreement in Northern Homs.

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