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Saudi-led forces kill Yemeni captives Daesh style

A recent video released by a senior Yemeni official shows Saudi-led forces executing Yemeni captives Daesh style in yet another criminal action amid the bloody Riyadh-led war on the country.

Mohammed Abdul-Salam, the spokesman for Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement, published a video on his Twitter account on Thursday, showing members of the Saudi-led coalition brutally executing Yemeni captives by shooting them with heavy machine guns in an open area.

The captives were blindfolded and had their hands tied behind their backs.

Abdul-Salam said the executions bear the hallmarks of those by the Takfiri Daesh terror group, adding such Daesh-style killings show that not just the US but also Saudi and the United Arab Emirates had a hand in the creation of the world’s most notorious terrorist outfit.

He added that Saudis and Emiratis have been using such extremist groups as an instrument to advance their objectives.

The Yemeni official further lashed out at human rights bodies for turning a blind eye to human rights violations by Saudi-led forces in Yemen.

On Tuesday, an Associated Press investigation found that the Saudi-led coalition has secured secret deals with al-Qaeda terrorists in Yemen, recruiting hundreds of its Takfiri militants in the ground operations against the Houthi Ansarullah movement and allied forces.

‘UAE’s collusion with al-Qaeda in Yemen backed by US’

The spokesman for Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement says the UAE’s collusion with al-Qaeda terror network is supported by the United States.

The UAE also is playing a key role in the Saudi-led war on Yemen, which began in 2015.

Citing victims and witnesses, the Associated Press reported in June that hundreds of detainees suffered torture and sexual abuse by the Emirati officers at the jails Abu Dhabi runs in Yemen.

Amnesty International said it had also documented “systematic grave violations” in UAE-run jails in Yemen.

In recent months, militants backed by the UAE have reportedly kidnapped and tortured hundreds of people in southern Yemen. The kidnapping spree took place under the pretext of clearing out suspected al-Qaeda-linked elements.

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