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Haneyya: The Gaza seaport is important to break the siege


Deputy head of Hamas’s political bureau Ismail Haneyya has stressed the importance of establishing a seaport in the Gaza Strip to break the blockade imposed on its population for about 10 years. “The building of a seaport in Gaza is the hope of the Palestinian people to break the siege, and we renew our adherence to this right and demand,” Haneyya stated during the Friday khutba (sermon) he delivered at the Gaza Port Mosque.

Haneyya also hailed all the efforts made by countries and international groups to realize this Palestinian demand and break the siege on Gaza. “We hope that Gaza can have a seaport and water corridor enabling it to be in touch with the outside world,” the Hamas official said. He described Israel’s blockade on Gaza as “the policy of murderous terrorists who have no place in the free world and the future of humanity, and on the land of Palestine.” He also expressed his strong belief that the blockade on Gaza had failed to achieve its goals and undermine the Palestinian people’s morale and their faith in the justice of their national rights and constants.

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