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Saudi-backed terrorists suffer heavy losses in failed northern Yemen offensive

The Saudi-backed terrorists in northern Yemen launched a new offensive on Tuesday to capture the entire Nihm District of east Sanaa.

Led by the Hadi loyalists, the Saudi-backed troops managed to score an advance at the advent of the offensive, forcing the Houthi forces to fall back west towards Sanaa city.

However, the Houthi forces were able to regroup and launch a swift counter-attack in the Nihm Distirct, retaking all of the points they lost in the Al-Ribah Tibab, Ja’afar, Al-Sawamid areas.

According to the official media wing of the Houthi forces, their troops killed scores of Saudi-backed fighters at Tal Ja’afar and Talat Al_Sawamid, leaving the latter no choice but to retreat towards Al-Rabah.

Following the retreat of the Saudi-backed troops, the Houthi forces then swept through these areas and secured this front.

The Nihm District has been one of the most contested areas in Yemen, as both the Houthi forces and Saudi-backed troops have traded large offensives in this rugged area.

For the Saudi-backed troops, seizing the Nihm District is not only important in regards to taking Sanaa city, but also, to securing the nearby Marib Governorate, which is not yet secured because of the Houthi forces.

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