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Lebanon Friday prayer highlights: Middle East crisis, Daesh commander arrest



Senior Lebanese prayer leaders giving delivering speech in Friday prayers across the country demanded politicians to hail the struggles by Lebanon army stressing dialogue as the best solution for issues in the country, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Grand Ayatollah Abdul Amir Kabalan, deputy of the Supreme Shia Council in Lebanon stressed dialogue as the only solution for the crises and the sole way for stabilization of the nations solving the issues through recognition of each other and commitment to the agreed principles.

He said,” We are passing a critical era; therefore, we should focus on solutions which will end in serving the people approaching their interests.”

He called Islam as the religion of the right, blessings and affection demanding all Muslims to stand committed to these Islamic principles.

The cleric also urged Arab and Muslim leaders to expand the culture of friendship and noted,” Muslim leaders should seriously struggle to find political solutions for the clashes which have plagued our country” and added,” Dialogue is the best way to solve the issues between the opposing sides.”

Grand Ayatollah Nablosi in the Friday prayer of Sidon referred to the constant pursuit of peace and friendship in Lebanon demanding the authorities to find a solution out of the present situation in the country.

He said,” The majority of Lebanese people are suffering being disrespected when each one of the political parties are beating the drums of war without the least attention to previous experiences which dragged the Zionist regime to the brink of annihilation.”

Seyyed Ali Fadhlullah, in his weekly sermon, demanded all political parties to note the threats jeopardizing Lebanon and prioritize peace and stability of the country over their personal disagreements.

He called all political parties to provide the grounds for a final agreement calling dialogue as the sole way for the end.

Seyyed Ali Fadhlullah stressed,” It is now known to all that agreement is the only way to solve the issues and sectarian and political disagreements.”

He called the security forces as a light at the end of tunnel since it is the security forces which is committed to its duties amid any situation.

Sheikh Maher Hamoud, chairman of the World Union of Resistance Scholars, hailed the struggles of Lebanese army for arresting Daesh commander.

He denounced any disrespectful remarks against Palestinians and added,” Here we demand all people to voice their opposition with settlement expansion though do that solely for the sake of Palestinian nation and the issue of Palestine.”

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