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Sabbagh to Cuban Ambassador: Importance of boosting cooperation to confront common enemies

Damascus, SANA-Speaker of the People’s Assembly, Hammoudeh Sabbagh, stressed the importance of supporting and boosting cooperation relations between Syria and Cuba to counter the similar situation that the two countries are facing.

During his meeting with Cuban Ambassador in Damascus Miguel Porto Parga , on the occasion of the end of his duties in Syria, Sabbagh said that Syria and Cuba have common enemies, namely the US and the countries of the colonial West, who are still targeting them by all means in order to serve their agendas and support the Zionist enemy and terrorism that America sponsors, supports and transports from one country to another.

The Speaker Sabbagh also thanked the Cuban Ambassador for his efforts during the years of war and his presence in Damascus to consolidate and develop the relations of the two countries.

Ambassador Parga, for his part, affirmed that the US adopts the same approach and policy in Cuba and Syria through imposing embargo, creating consecutive crises as a prelude to violence, “human rights and democracy” allegations and intervention in their affairs.

“With global hegemony there is no choice other than confrontation and victory, ” Parga said.

He added that economic and trade relations will be developed during the coming stage, asserting that “Syria is a place of belonging, not just a place to work.”

Kindah ALMahmoud/MHD Ibrahim

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