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Palestinian Mujaheds Heroically Confront Zionist Regime Raid in Nablus

Palestinian resistance fighters heroically confronted an Israeli raid in Nablus Old City early on Saturday.

Palestinian media reported that Israeli occupation forces raided the Old City of Nablus at dawn on Saturday, sparking fierce clashes with Palestinian resistance fighters.

Several gunshots and explosions were heard in the Old City, Palestinian media reported, quoting residents and local sources.

According to the sources, occupation forces arrested two Palestinians and then released them “after getting sure they were not the wanted suspects.”

A Palestinian was injured by Israeli fire during the clashes which lasted for more than an hour, the sources added, noting that occupation military sent reinforcement to the area of the raid.

Al-Quds Bridages’ Nablus Battalion announced its fighters repelled the Israeli raid “with gunshots and explosive devices which directly targeted the occupation forces.”

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