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Raqqa Militias Attack US Coalition Base in Northern Syria



The militia of the Syrian city of Raqqa fired mortars on the US-led coalition base in the town of Ein Issa, the press service of the movement said on Monday.

“Following the intelligence activities, the militia of Raqqa waged a special operation targeting the US Staff located at the former base of the 93rd Brigade in the district of Ein Issa, 43 miles North of Raqqa. Several mortar shells were fired on individual targets without any casualties on our side,” the statement said, Sputnik reported.

The militia also said that they do not tolerate “the occupational forces” of the United States, Turkey and their allies in Northern Syria. The statement read, “Do not relax night and day, wherever you are.”

On March 25, the indigenous Arab population launched an uprising against armed groups supported by the United States in the town of Al-Mansura in the suburbs of Syria’s Raqqa, opposing a forced mobilization conducted by the Syrian Democratic Forces and local self-governing bodies appointed by the United States.

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