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Deadly Zionist Raids in Rafah Leave 22 Palestinians Dead, Including Children

The zionist occupation’s aggression against the Gaza Strip reached a horrifying peak on the 213th day, as 22 Palestinians, including children, were martyred in a series of raids on homes in Rafah. The destructive attacks have sparked outrage and condemnation as the occupation forces escalate their violence.

The aftermath of the bombing of the Qeshta family’s home in Rafah by Israeli occupation warplanes, last night.

— PALESTINE ONLINE 🇵🇸 (@OnlinePalEng) May 6, 2024


Since yesterday evening, the Israeli occupation forces have targeted 11 homes in Rafah, resulting in a devastating toll. Families have been torn apart, with children and women among the casualties. The raids have left numerous citizens dead, wounded, and missing under the rubble.



At least 9 civilians, including children and women, were murdered and others were injured in Israeli airstrikes targeted inhabited house in Rafah a while ago.

Many civilians are still trapped under the rubble.

— PALESTINE ONLINE 🇵🇸 (@OnlinePalEng) May 5, 2024


The destructive and genocidal war crimes committed by the Israeli occupation have drawn widespread criticism. The continued policy of siege and deprivation in Gaza has left citizens struggling for basic necessities of life, resulting in a dire humanitarian crisis.



— Muhammad Smiry 🇵🇸 (@MuhammadSmiry) May 6, 2024


On Sunday, a house belonging to the Al-Hashash family in the Oraiba area was targeted, while an air strike hit Khirbet Al-Adas. In a separate incident, a house in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood was bombed, and a raid was launched on the town of Beit Hanoun. The town of Beit Lahia also came under artillery fire.


Civil Defense crews recovered several casualties and injuries after the Israeli bombing of the Qeshta family home, east of Rafah.

— PALESTINE ONLINE 🇵🇸 (@OnlinePalEng) May 6, 2024


The violence has resulted in the deaths of six individuals and injuries to countless civilians, including those seeking refuge in a school housing displaced people. The Palestinian Ministry of Health has reported a staggering toll of 34,683 martyrs and 78,018 injuries since the conflict began in October.


A bereaved woman bids farewell to her family members who were killed in a violent Israeli airstrike targeting their home in Rafah, southern Gaza.

— PALESTINE ONLINE 🇵🇸 (@OnlinePalEng) May 6, 2024


The ministry also highlighted three recent massacres perpetrated by the Israeli occupation, with 29 people losing their lives and 110 sustaining injuries in the past 24 hours alone. As the situation in Gaza grows increasingly dire, the international community is being urged to intervene and put an end to the violence before more lives are needlessly lost.


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