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Raisi: Enemies to Be Defeated by Resistance of Iranian People

Stating that the progress of the country won’t be stopped, the Iranian President said that the problem created by the enemies will be defeated with the resistance and standing of the people.

Upon arrival in South Khorasan on Thursday morning, Ebrahim Raisi talked to reporters about the plans and objectives of the second visit of the Administration to this province, and said, “South Khorasan is known as the province of science and culture, and I have a special attachment to its people.”

Referring to the resolutions of the 13th Administration’s first visit to South Khorasan, the President added, “The governor general and other officials of the province have done good work and actions for the development of South Khorasan with the guidance of the honourable representative of the Leader in the province.”

Saying that the Administration is following the resolutions of the first trip in this trip, Raisi said, “Some of the projects and plans of the province have come to an end and some are in progress. Also, there are important issues in the province, such as the rail connection and the water issue, which are among the demands of the people of the province, and we are following these two issues.”

Pointing out that preliminary measures have been taken for rail connection and water supply, the President clarified, “The work in the field of housing, both in the field of land transfer and in the field of housing construction, has progressed well in South Khorasan, and this is followed in the province until we achieve the desired result.”

Raisi stated that the Administration considers any service and work for the very good, pious, sincere, and friendly people of South Khorasan province as a great success and noted, “In this trip, both the resolutions of the previous trip and the removal of obstacles and possible problems that any of these plans face will be followed up.”

The President continued, “As we have stated many times, we have not and will not stop the progress of the country in any way. Thank God, the problem created by the enemies will be defeated with the resistance and standing of the people, and the work of construction and progress in the country will continue.”

Raisi stated, “In this trip, unlike the previous trip where we were not able to meet people due to the COVID situation, we will also meet people to hear their demands closely.”

2nd module of Birjand Treatment Plant inaugurated

The liquid section of the second module of Birjand’s Sewage and Recycling Plant Project, with a capacity of 21,500 cubic meters per day, was officially inaugurated and put into operation on Thursday morning in the presence of Ebrahim Raisi.

This treatment plant aims to increase the capacity of the sewage treatment plant, improve the environment, promote agriculture, provide alternative water and create jobs.

Inauguration of the liquid part of the Birjand sewage treatment plant unit with an active sludge system and also removing nitrogen with a capacity of 21,500 cubic meters per day is done for a population of 140 thousand people.

The use of purified water for non-drinking purposes such as meeting the needs of industry, green space, and agriculture, the possibility of protecting underground water reservoirs and the use of stabilized sludge, the possibility of optimal use of wastewater and creating a reliable water source, as well as increasing and improving health and hygiene standards for the people are amongst the other purposes of using this treatment plant.

The currency credit of this project amounts to 23 million euros, which was provided for the first time from foreign credits and from the International Development and Trade Bank of ECO.

The construction of a 9-km transmission line with a diameter of 1,200 mm is one of the other features of this project.

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