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Yemeni Navy Strikes “Zografía” Ship in Support of Gaza

Spokesman of the Yemeni Armed Forces General Yahya Sarea read out on Monday a statement which announ...

In support of the oppressed Palestinian people, who are facing aggression and siege in the Gaza Strip, the Naval Forces of the Yemeni Armed Forces, with the help of Allah, carried out a targeting operation against the ship “Zografía” that was heading to the occupied ports of Palestine, General Sarea said, adding that the operation resulted in a direct hit using suitable naval missiles.

The targeting operation was carried out after the crew of the ship ignored warning calls and warning shots, he added.

“The Yemeni Armed Forces continue to enforce the decision to ban “Israeli” navigation or any navigation associated with the “Israeli” enemy in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea until the aggression is stopped and the blockade on the steadfast Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is lifted.”

The Yemeni Armed Forces continue to take all defensive and offensive measures within the legitimate right to defend the beloved Yemen, affirming practical solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people, the statement concluded.

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