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Qatari Media: UAE Preparing to Reopen Embassy in Damascus


Qatari media sources reported that the UAE has sent its intelligence chief to Damascus to negotiate resumption of ties and reopening of its embassy in Syria.

The Arabic-language Arabi 21 news website quoted diplomatic sources as saying on Tuesday that UAE Intelligence Chief Mohammed al-Shamsi has held a meeting with special security adviser to Syrian president Ali Mamlouk in this regard.

According to the sources, the UAE is now repairing its embassy in Damascus to be reopened soon.

The UAE embassy in Damascus had been attacked in November 2012. Abu Dhabi sent a delegation to Syria in July 2015 to assess the damages inflicted on the mission.

The UAE is one of the Arab states which helped the terrorists in Syria in war against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Millions of Syrian people have been displaced and hundreds of thousands were killed and wounded during the devastating war started in 2011.

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