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Factions: Resistance is our sole option


Palestinian factions’ leaders affirmed adherence to resistance as the sole option as well as maintaining Palestinian rights and constants.

The factions stressed on the fact that the Palestinian land is an Islamic waqf property that cannot be waived and that Jerusalem constitutes the cornerstone of the unity and civilization of the Islamic world.

This came during a political workshop organized by the national Islamic relations committee west of Gaza in the anniversary of the 49th Palestinian Naksa.

The Hamas leader Ismail Radwan emphasized during the session on his Movement’s adherence to the Palestinian constants and rights especially the right if return.

He called on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to stop counting on the option of negotiation and urged it to halt its security coordination with Israel.

The Islamic Jihad leader Ahmad al-Mdalal slammed the PA for its pointless negotiations which have been saught for over 20 years leading to the weakness of the Palestinian national project.

The secretary general of al-Ahrar Movement Khaled Abu Helal opined that the Muslims’ preoccupation with other issues than the Palestinian central question encouraged the Israeli occupation to go too far in practicing violations and crimes against the Palestinian people and sacred places.

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