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Protests around the world against Israeli aggression in Gaza Strip

Capitals, SANA- Several Arab, and world cities and capitals witnessed massive protests to denounce crimes of the Israeli occupations against the Palestinian population in Gaza Strip.

In New York City, hundreds of activists participated in a protest near the central subway station building, calling for stopping backing the Israeli entity and an immediate end to the ongoing brutal aggression against the Gaza Strip.

During the event, participants raised banners with phrases “Freedom for Palestine” and “New York stands with Palestine.”

Meanwhile in France, hundreds of people in Paris and several cities demonstrated in support of the Gaza Strip which has been under relentless Israeli airstrikes and an unjust siege.

Participants held up banners denouncing Israeli practices during the ongoing aggression.

They expressed their solidarity with the Palestinian people and stated that Israeli practices violate all international conventions and resolutions.

In Tunisia, protesters gathered in front of the French embassy in the Tunisian capital and denounced the massacres committed by the Israeli occupier in Gaza.

Shaza Qreima

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