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President Rouhani urges unity to overcome sanctions

President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that sanctions will fail in light of unity.

‘Sanctions will put us under pressure but it has benefits at the same time. We will overcome them, however. I believe that if we are united, the sanctions will fail soon. If we work with each other in a united way, we will make the US regret very soon. If we manage to work with the world well and continue making endeavors, Americans will come to know that their sanctions are ineffective and they cannot be useful. Under such conditions, Americans will retreat soon,’ said the president.

He said, ‘Trump has taken a step; he should make several steps. He should return to the time before taking office so that appropriate conditions can be prepared in the interest of Iran, the US and the world.’

‘The more we work in a united way, the sooner we will make the US regretful. We can eliminate sanctions. This rests with us. If you ask how long the sanctions will take, I should say, the time depends on us. Let’s say, if we put all our strengths together, the sanctions will be over sooner. If we distance ourselves and show intolerance, the sanctions will be prolonged.’

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