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Hazrat Zahra (as), leader of all the women of the world

Today marks the martyrdom of the Lady of the Women of the Worlds, the beloved daughter of the Messenger, the wife of the Commander of the Faithful, and the mother of the infallible imams, Fatima al-Zahra (SA).

Hazrat Fatima, the only daughter of the Holy prophet of Islam, was born in Mecca on the 20th of Jumadi al-Thani 18 BH. The good and noble lady Khadijah and the apostle of Allah bestowed all their natural love, care, and devotion on their lovable and only child Fatima, who in her turn was extremely fond of her parents.

She was raised in the prophetic school of her father Muhammad (PBUH) and the loving lap of her mother Khadijah (RA). Since childhood, she witnessed the sufferings of her father and was always at his side to help him.

Muhammad, the Messenger of God, gave the utmost attention to the education and upbringing of his daughter. If he was the ideal for all men, his daughter had to be the ideal for all women, and she was. He made her the ideal of womanhood in Islam. She was the personification of devotion and obedience to the Creator, and she was the embodiment of all heavenly purity and saintliness. In character and personality, she bore a most striking resemblance to her father. Fatima, the daughter, was the image of Muhammad, the father.

Hazrat Fatima (as) was given the title of Az-Zahra’, meaning the glowing and radiant one, and was also known as Umm Abiha, meaning the mother of her father, in reference to the way she cared for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), especially ever since her mother passed away.

Some of her other titles are Seddiqeh, Tahereh, Mobarakeh, Batool, Razieh, and Marzieh.

Hazrat Zahra (as), leader of all the women of the world

Hazrat Fatima (as) characteristics

Hazrat Fatima is famous and acknowledged as the “Leader of all the women of the world” because the Prophethood of Muhammad would not have been everlasting without her. For all the verses revealed in the Holy Quran for women, Hazrat Fatima is the perfect model. In her lifetime, she was a complete woman, being a daughter, a wife, and a mother at the same time.

Fatima was very generous; and none who come to her door, when away empty-handed. She never asked Imam Ali (as) for anything in her whole life. As a mother, she cared for and brought up wonderful children; they have lifted their marks on the face of the world, which time will not be able to erase.

Lady Fatima (as) also taught us the importance of patience, no matter what challenges we face. She faced some of the most extreme and trying challenges, with attacks on both her father and husband as well as herself, but her steadfastness in patience and trust in God remains an important lesson for us all.

If we want to understand the scientific status of Hazrat Fatima (as), it is worthwhile to look at her speech in Fadakiyeh’s sermon; Whether she utters the most solid sentences in the monotheism of the Holy Essence of God in language, or when she reveals her knowledge and insight towards the Holy Prophet, or when the sermon gives a brief description of the Imamate.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sayings about Hazrat Fatima (AS)

Among all children, Hazrat Fatima (as) was the youngest daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The holy prophet of Islam regarded his daughter as an angel in a human body; she was an inseparable part of him. He was overwhelmed with joy whenever he set eyes on her. Whenever he wanted to go on a trip, the last place he would leave would be his daughter’s home and the first place to which he would return would be his daughter’s home. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “Fatima is part of me. Whatever upsets her upsets me, and whatever harms her harms me.”

The Holy Prophet said, “Whoever injures (bodily or sentimentally) Fatima, injures me; and whoever injures me injures Allah; and whoever injures Allah practices unbelief. O, Fatima! If your wrath is incurred, it incurs the wrath of Allah; and if you are happy, it makes Allah happy too.”

The Holy Prophet said, “Fatima is a peace of my heart”.

Every morning on his way to the Mosque, he would pass by Fatima’s house and say: “peace be on you O the Household of Prophethood and the source of Messengership”.

Hazrat Zahra (as), leader of all the women of the world

Imam Ali (AS) and Hazrat Zahra (SA) marriage

When we think of the ideal marriage in Islam, we often cite the marriage between Imam Ali (AS) and Lady Fatima (AS) as the exemplary personality that they are. We recall their piety, humility, and devotion to Allah (SWT). While we venerate Imam Ali (AS) for his knowledge, wisdom, and perfection in faith, equally significant, and enfolded within his expression of faith, is the love and compassion that he had for Lady Fatima (AS).

Many narrations illustrate how Imam Ali (AS) spoke to others of his love and admiration for his wife. Imam Ali (AS) has said about Lady Fatima (AS), “When I looked at her, my griefs and sorrows were relieved1.” While it was common practice to have more than one wife, Imam Ali (AS), in his loyalty solely to Lady Fatima (AS), never married another woman during her lifetime. He displayed profound respect for her emotions and autonomy.

Martyrdom of Hazrat Fatima (as)

After several incidents that led to the martyrdom of Fatima al-Zahra (as), including the attack on her house, the abortion of her child, and slapping and flogging her, she passed away at the age of 18.

There are several narrations about the date of the martyrdom of Hazrat Fatemeh Zahra (PBUH) according to a narration, it is 75 days after the death of the Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (S) on the 13th of Jamadi Al-Awali (which is also the opinion of the Sunnis) and according to a more famous narration, her martyrdom is 95 days later the death of the Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (S) in accordance with the third of Jamadi al-Thani in the eleventh year of AH.

Hazrat Zahra (as), leader of all the women of the world

Lady Fatima Zahra’s (SA) Will to Imam Ali (AS)

On the last day of her life, while Hazrat Zahra (as) was suffering from illness, asked Imam Ali (as) to execute her 3 wills. she said to Imam Ali (as),

1. O Ali, you will personally perform my funeral rites.

2. Those who have displeased me should not be allowed to attend my funeral.

3. My corpse should be carried to the graveyard at night.

Thus, Imam Ali (as), in compliance with her will, performed all the funeral rites and accompanied exclusively by her relatives and sons carried her at night to Jannatu’l-Baqi `, where she was laid to rest and her wishes fulfilled.

The commander of the faithful (AS) said on the occasion of the burial of Supreme lady Fatima (SA) while addressing the Holy Prophet at his grave, O’ Prophet of Allah! Please accept my salutation and those of your daughter who is being buried not far from you, and who is to meet you so quickly. O the chosen Apostle! The death of your daughter has left me without patience and solace. I have lost my self-restraint and the power of endurance.

Hazrat Zahra (as), leader of all the women of the world

Shias mourn martyrdom of Hazrat Fatima on 3rd Jumada II

Every year, on the occasion of Hazrat Fatima’s (as) martyrdom anniversary, Shia Muslims hold mourning ceremonies and do charities.

Black mourning flags will be installed on the shrines of Shia imams on the occasion.

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