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President al-Assad receives ANC delegation, talks deal with pan-Arabism and national thought

Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad received on Wednesday members of the Arab National Conference as talks dealt with the Pan-Arabism, national thought and identity, and the role of the Arab parties in light of the growing challenges and western thought.

“We cannot speak about the political belonging without talking about the concept of belonging as an identity. What we need today is to use the right tools and implement the ideas that constitute a key foundation of the national action, and to make the best of them” President al-Assad said.

His excellency drew a great attention to the importance of expanding the concept of resistance, especially resisting the thoughts that forcibly invade us with the aim of dismantling the intellectual structure of the Arab peoples.

ANC members, in turn, underscored the need of work in the upcoming stage and activating the role of parties and the popular organizations to take advantage of the positive atmosphere on the Arab arena which contribute to supporting the reconstruction in Syria, and breaking all forms of blockade.


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