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Photos- Syrians’ support for elections grows more ardent as the countdown to presidential vote starts

20140526-220056 (1)With the countdown to the presidential elections having started, the Syrians show increasing ardor holding boisterous rallies and activities around the country in continued manifestations of their support for the landmark vote.
Crowds of the residents of Yabroud city and the neighboring villages in Damascus Countryside gathered in a massive march in the municipality square in the city to express jubilation over holding the presidential elections on time in defiance of all foreign sides’ attempts to disrupt the vote.
The participants expressed their support to the Syrian Arab Army in its operations against the terrorists, voicing support to candidate al-Assad as their choice in the upcoming elections.
They said that voting is the duty and right for every Syrian citizen who loves his country and is keen on its security and sovereignty.
The Women and Farmers unions organized two events in Idleb in support of the army in the face of terrorists and in support of holding the presidential elections on time.
They stressed their support to candidate Dr. Bashar al-Assad for his steadfastness and wisdom in the face of the global terrorist attack waged on Syria.
Homs Province witnessed a number of events in the areas of Safar, Homs Electricity Company and the Engineers Syndicate.
The events stressed support to holding the presidential elections on time, voicing support to the Syrian army in its battle against terrorism.
They said that voting is the right and duty of all Syrian citizens, adding that the elections crown the victories of the Syrian army and are crucial in foiling the schemes aimed at undermining Syria.
Meanwhile, a popular festival was held in Kafram town in the northwestern countryside of Homs to support the presidential elections.
Residents of Kfram town raised Syrian flags and poster of candidate Dr. Bashar al-Assad, affirming their full support to the Syrian Arab Army in confronting terrorism to which the country is exposed.
The participants chanted slogans that glorify martyrdom and national unity.
They considered the upcoming elections as a turning point in building the modern Syria that will enhance its victory against conspiracy.
Lattakia province witnessed a number of national events in the Agriculture Directorate, Dar al-Assad, Tishreen University, Journalists union and in Jableh area in support of holding the presidential elections on time and of the operations made by the Syrian Army against terrorism.
The participants stressed their support to candidate al-Assad and rejection of all forms of foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs.
They called upon all the Syrians to participate in the ballots as to show the true image of the country and its cultural heritage.
People of Masahra and Sasa’ in Quneitra organized a rally in which they expressed their support to the Syrian army and to the upcoming presidential elections, voicing support to candidate Dr. Bashar al-Assad.
Waving Syrian flags and carrying posters for al-Assad, the participants said that the people of Quneitra will always be backers of the Syrian army against the Israeli enemy and its agents.
In Hama, the Revolutionary Youths Union made a festivity in the city, with the participants stressing their support to holding the presidential elections on time, voicing support to candidate al-Assad.
They highlighted their appreciation for the sacrifices and achievements made by the Syrian Arab Army against the terrorists across the country.
In Deir Ezzor, Assistant Regional Secretary of al-Baath Party Hilal al-Hilal said, during a popular gathering, that the upcoming presidential elections is considered as a huge victory added to the victories achieved by the Syria Arab Army in its war against terrorism.
The massive meeting was attended by economic, social, popular and religious figures in Deir Ezzor city.
“The upcoming elections represent the concept of enhancing democracy in Syria,” al-Hilal said.
He called on all the Syrians to actively take part in elections, describing it as a national duty for every Syrian citizens.
The participants stressed their full support to candidate Dr. Bashar al-Assad.
In another context, al-Hilal inspected the Army’s wounded personnels at the military hospital in Deir Ezzor, appreciating sacrifices of the Army in defending the country against terrorism.
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