Photos of pro- rallies

Photos- Syrians abroad protest Erdogan’s aggression, express solidarity with Syria

20140407-164406The Syrian community in France organized on Sunday evening a protest in St. Michel Square in Paris to voice rejection of the interference and aggression carried out by Recep Yayyip Erdogan’s government against Syria.

Frenchmen and members of the Turkish, Armenian, Russian and Palestinian communities in France also participated in the protest.

Participants waved Syrian flags and carried placards rejection foreign interference in Syria in general and Turkish interference in particular, beginning the protest with reciting the Syrian national anthem.

The participants affirmed their support for the Syrian Arab Army and civil and national defense forces in their battle against the terrorists who snuck across the Turkish borders with clear cover and support from Erdogan’s government.

They expressed rejection of Erdogan’s policy towards the crisis in Syria, saying that the recent aggression by Erdogan constitutes clear military supports for terrorist groups, adding that someone who suppresses protests, blocks social networking sites and limits liberties in their own country has no right to talk about spreading democracy.

A number of Armenians in Paris said that the Syrian Arab Army is defending the last Armenian city in the Middle East which is Kasab, calling for supporting the army in the face of the takfiri tide, asserting that the Erdogan-backed terrorist aggression on Kasab opened old wounds in the hearts of Armenians, and that they will not allow the massacres against them to be repeated.

Syrian citizens in Bucharest stand by Syrian leadership
Meanwhile, Syrian people in the Romanian capital of Bucharest held a meeting at the Syrian Chancery in support of Army, announcing solidarity and loyalty to the Syrian leadership on the anniversary of al-Baath Party’s foundation.
Citizens of the Syrian community expressed their strong rejection of the takfiri terrorist mentality practiced by al-Qaeda and their followers in Syria.
They decided to hold a national gathering next Wednesday in front of the Syrian Embassy in Bucharest against Erdogan’s hostile polices.

Syrian and Arab students in Cuba renew solidarity with Syria against terrorism

A number of students in Cuba renewed along with Arab and Latin American students solidarity with Syria in confronting terrorism during a cultural event organized by the Latin-American Medical School.


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Head of Cuba branch for Syria’s National Students Union Yahya Ali clarified that the Syrian students in Cuba are holding activities for introducing the Syrian culture to the foreign students and reminding of the country’s deeply-rooted history and its civilization that rejects all forms of terrorism.

He hailed the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army that is fighting terrorism on behalf of the whole world, highlighting the students’ support their leadership and army.

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