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Palestinian Resistance Unleashes Heroic Epics in Ongoing Confrontation with IOF in Gaza- Video

The Palestinian resistance continues to defy the Israeli occupation forces as they are trying to advance into Gaza. After 66 relentless days, the resistance’s unwavering determination has resulted in substantial losses among the enemy ranks.

Recent reports from Palestinian sources shed light on violent clashes between Palestinian resisters and occupation soldiers in Ma’an and Bani Suheila, located east of Khan Yunis. Meanwhile, the al-Qassam Brigades launched a series of mortar attacks on occupation military concentrations within the station area of Khan Yunis. The al-Quds Brigades also joined the fray by bombarding the enemy’s positions around the shadow mosque in the eastern axis of Khan Yunis using multiple mortar shells.

Speaking in a statement released on Sunday, the Qassam Brigades declared that their fighters had successfully destroyed forty-four military vehicles, either entirely or partially, in various battlefronts across the Gaza Strip over the past 48 hours. Furthermore, they confirmed the elimination of forty Israeli occupation soldiers while dozens of others were injured during assaults on their positions and encampments.

The attacks involved the use of anti-fortification missiles, shells, anti-personnel canisters, and engagement from point-blank range. Targets included field command headquarters, military gatherings, and strategically rigged buildings, resulting in massive explosions. Mortars and short-range rockets also played a significant role in demolishing occupation military infrastructure.

Abu Obeida, the military spokesperson for the Qassam Brigades, expressed his satisfaction with their performance and unity, stressing that thousands of fighters were awaiting their turn on the battlefield. He highlighted the successful targeting of the occupation forces in both old and new incursion axes.

Notably, the Qassam Brigades managed to destroy more than 180 military vehicles in prominent areas like Shuja’iya, Zeitoun, Sheikh Radwan, Jabalia camp, Beit Lahiya, Deir al-Balah, and Khan Yunis. These attacks included the use of Yasin shells, canisters, guerrilla tactics, ambushes, machine guns, booby-trapped tunnels, entrapment maneuvers, and sniping operations.

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