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Hamas slams zionist Saudi Regime FM’s remarks against it as “unusual and shocking”



The Hamas Movement has expressed its shock and dismay over the remarks that were made against it by Saudi foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir, stressing that its resistance of the occupation is legitimate under international law.

In a press release sent to the Palestinian Information Center on Wednesday, Hamas described such remarks as “unusual,” especially since Saudi Arabia’s positions were known for its support for the Palestinian people’s national cause and their rightful struggle against the occupation.

Saudi foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir said in Paris on Tuesday that things came to a head with Qatar’s policies and that Doha should stop its support for Hamas in Gaza and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

“These remarks are ‘shocking’ for our Palestinian people and the Arab and Muslim nations who consider the Palestinian question their central cause and see Hamas as a movement legitimately resisting the Zionist occupation, which is the main enemy of the Arab and Muslim nations, especially that Hamas and the Palestinian resistance forces defend the land of Isra and Miraj, the first Qiblah and the third of the two holy shrines,” Hamas stated.

“It is no secret to anyone how the Zionist enemy will use such remarks to commit more violations and crimes against our people, land and holy sites, and against Jerusalem and the holy Aqsa Mosque,” the Movement added.

Hamas underlined that al-Jubeir’s remarks were contrary to the international law and the Arab and Islamic positions that confirm the Palestinian people’s right to resist the occupation to liberate their own land and holy sites.

The Movement called on the Saudi leadership to stop making such remarks that only do a disservice to the Kingdom and its positions towards the Palestinian people’s national cause and their legitimate rights.

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