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Iranians, Arabs have good reason to hate Israel: Activist

A commentator says Israel was complicit in committing crimes against Iranians during the Shah’s era and Israelis killed many Arabs including Palestinians in several conflicts.

“The Shah’s secret police (SAVAK), which tortured so many Iranians … was overseen and trained by Israel and the United States,” Blaine Coleman told Press TV on Friday.

So, the “Iranians have had good reasons to sympathize with Palestinians and to be strongly opposed to this racist violent [regime] of Israel,” he added.

Blaine also said the Arab world hates Israel, because Israel has massacred so many thousands of Arabs.

Israeli force have killed nearly 100,000 Arabs since 1920, according to the Jewish Virtual Library.

The pro-Palestine activist made the remarks after Iran reemphasized that it is standing firm in supporting the Palestinian struggle against Israel.

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