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Syria condemns Washington stance that keeps name of Cuba on the US list of states sponsoring terrorism

Damascus, SANA- Syria strongly condemned the US State Department’s announcement to keep the name of the Republic of Cuba on the US list of states sponsoring terrorism, and removing it only from the list of countries that do not cooperate with US efforts to completely eliminate terrorism.

“The Syrian Arab Republic expresses solidarity with the leadership, government and people of the friendly Republic of Cuba, and stresses its complete confidence that Cuba, which has been resisting the unjust American blockade for more than half a century, is capable of thwarting this American decision issued by the first sponsoring regime of terrorism in the world,” foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement. 

The statement said that Syria renews its rejection and condemnation of this American approach based on imposing sanctions on countries that do not follow the American policy.   “The US approach is doomed to failure in front of the will of free peoples, and it will only lead to more tension and instability on the international arena,” the Ministry added.

Mazen Eyon


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