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Over 100 Killed, 200 Wounded in Syrian Airstrikes on Terrorists’ Den in Hama

The Syrian airstrikes left tens of Takfiri militants dead and dozens more injured in the province of Hama on Monday.

The Syrian fighter jets raided a secret meeting of ISIL commanders in Hama today.

The terrorists’ ambulances rushed to the scene right after the airstrike, eyewitnesses told FNA.

The Syrian warplanes, meantime, attacked the gatherings of the terrorists in Arabin-Zumalka road.

A Syrian military source told FNA that tens of terrorists were killed in the Syrian airstrikes on terrorists in Arabin-Zumalka road.

On Sunday, militants failed in their large-scale offensive on Syrian army positions in the Eastern countryside of Hama.

The military sources in the province said that the rebel groups’ attempts to infiltrate into al-Sabbourah-Etheria, SyriaTel, and al-Rihraha areas in Hama Eastern countryside were foiled by the Syrian army men.

The Syrian Army and government have defended their country against insurgents since 2011 when a huge number of foreign terrorists flocked to the Middle-Eastern country.

In spite of certain western states’ military and financial supports for the militants, the Syrian troops have been able to push them back from many areas across the country.

Military estimates show the fall of militancy in Syria is not far.

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