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North Korea tests new anti-aircraft weapon system



North Korea says it has tested a new anti-aircraft weapon system amid continuing tensions over its military programs.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un personally “watched the test of a new-type anti-aircraft guided weapon system,” the official KCNA reported on Sunday.

The new anti-aircraft weapon will help in “detecting and striking different targets flying from any direction… [and] spoil enemy’s wild dream to control the air,” it said.

The report said the Academy of National Defense Science had organized the test. It said that the mass production of the new anti-aircraft weapon was underway.

North Korea conducted a ballistic missile test a week ago. The country has been making efforts to upgrade its weapon systems amid threats of military action against it by Washington. It has recently developed a long-range missile capable of striking the United States’ mainland and has in recent weeks tested its intermediate-range ballistic missile.

North Korea leader Kim Jong-un (seated) (photo by AFP)

Pyongyang has been under mounting international pressure over its missile and military nuclear programs. North Korea says it will continue those programs until the United States ends its hostility toward the country.

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