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Larijani: Iran ‘could have been invaded in 9/11 aftermath’



Parliament speaker has told a meeting in Tehran many dark sides of the Sacred War should be discovered to provide the public with full image of the situation at war.

Ali Larijani who was speaking to Parliament administrative staff on Saturday said that Iran had achieved a feat of excellence in fighting back international opposition in war with Iraq (1980-88) and securing an asset for its future as today; “during past few decades, the course of events was in a way so as to subject Iran to foreign invasion, notably in the aftermath of 9/11 terrorist attacks; however, their experimentation in Afghanistan clearly provided an image for the invaders of the future which would communicate clear failure if they attacked Iran,” he told the meeting. “Leader of the Islamic Revolution had reiterated in many occasions that the US is treacherous and deceptive; she had been inciting Saddam Hussein, formerly a Soviet satellite country, in efforts to push the country to occupy Iranian three islands of the Persian Gulf, as a plan by Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser, as newly declassified papers of the US reveal, at which Saddam balked, evidently expressing incapacity.”

“They even approached then a Soviet satellite regime (traditionally opposing western block) to defeat Iran’s young Revolution,” Mr. Larijani added.

On tense relations with Saudi Arabia, Larijani also implicated the kingdom of providing a lump sum of $40bn to Saddam on his anti-Iranian campaign, and other terrorists, to which a former Saudi official had admitted as grave miscalculation, reportedly in a private meeting with Larijani; “these and other issues reveal the extent to which weak countries would be played against by others as a trump card; now the situation is the same, with countries being subject to the same deception Saudi Arabia trapped in,” he emphasized.

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