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Netanyahu’s anti-JCPOA mission in Berlin fails

PM of the Zionist regime Netanyahu in his visit to Germany once again repeated his baseless allegations against Tehran but failed to persuade German leaders to exist from the Iran nuclear deal.

In a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel , Netanyahu claimed that if Germany did not take a tougher stance against Iran and did not withdraw from the JCPOA, it would witness influx of more refugees from Syria, according to AFP.

i24news website affiliated to the Zionist regime wrote that both Netanyahu and Merkel were in agreement on issues such as security of Israel and Iran’s regional activities but their difference over the JCPOA remained unsolved.

Reuters quoted Merkel as saying at the press conference “We support Israel’s right to security and have said this to Iran at all times. We have the same goal that Iran must never get a nuclear weapon and the difference between us is how to do that.”
Merkel said she agreed that Iran’s activities in the Middle East were a concern, particularly for Israel’s security. But she said talks and the nuclear agreement torn up by the United States offered ways of thwarting Iran’s nuclear and regional ambitions.

The prime minister of the Zionist regime has embarked on a European tour in a bid to persuade leaders of Germany, the UK and France to leave the JCPOA.

Germany, the UK and France have pledged to stay in the JCPOA and protect their companies against US sanctions.

On May 8, US President Donald Trump announced his country’s exit from the JCPOA and said he would re-impose sanctions on Iran.


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