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Muslim Scholars: Israel real enemy of the Islamic Ummah



In a statement released, the Association of Muslim Scholars of Lebanon strongly condemned the assassination of Muhammad al-Zawari, a Tunisian engineer and member of the Palestinian Izzuddin al-Qassam Brigades, by the Zionist regime’s Mossad intelligence agency.
The Association added that the martyr was a member of the Islamic Resistance and regardless of any disagreement or rift among Muslims, he fought against the Zionist enemies and made many achievements in the field of technology and research to combat the Zionist enemies, including contributions to Hamas’ drone program.al-Zawari was shot dead outside his home in the city of Sfax on Thursday and the Gaza-based Izzuddin al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, has said that Israel assassinated its aviation engineer in Tunisia.

The Association of Muslim Scholars added that Arabs and Muslims should be vigilant and know that the Zionist enemies are our genuine enemies and on this basis, they must refrain from engagement in vain conflicts which are in the interests of the enemies.

The Association, which is made up of both Shi’ah and Sunni clerics, said that Palestinian resistance groups, especially Hamas, must respond practically and appropriately at any time and place to this crime because the enemies don’t have any right to rule over the people of other countries.

They also called on the Tunisian government to carry out the necessary investigations to reveal how the enemies have infiltrated the country, violated its sovereignty and carried out the assassination of al-Zawari.

The Association of Muslim Scholars criticized the Arab League for its lack of appropriate action in regard to this assassination and offered its condolences to Hamas and the Islamic Resistance.

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