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Mrs. Asma al-Assad: The more difficult circumstances and challenges, the more Syrians adhere to science and creative education

Damascus, SANA- Mrs. Asma al-Assad met Monday heads of the specialized scientific committees at the Distinction and Creativity Agency.

Mrs. Asma indicated that the more difficult the circumstances and challenges , the more the Syrians adhere to science in general, and to creative education in particular and that the participation of thousands of young Syrian students in the Syrian Scientific Olympics proves this.

Mrs. Asma noted that the Syrian family sees the future of their children in their knowledge, as a weapon in the face of all challenges.

Mrs. Asma underlined the necessity of strengthening the system of free thinking, and consolidating the principles of analysis and dialogue to reach a complete system of creative education and deepen it so that it turns into the concept of a complete life for students.

Mrs. Asma added that this is achieved only in parallel with consolidating the duality of science and knowledge with identity and belonging, leading to a strong, educated generation keen on its homeland.

Heads of the specialized scientific committees put forward ideas and visions for developing a competitive scientific environment based on the actual transition from specialized scientific thinking into strategic, creative and community thinking.

More than 8,000 students competed in the 2023 Olympics at the level of Syria, which won more than twenty international awards, including two silver medals at the International Chemistry Olympiad held in Switzerland, and a silver medal at the World Robotics Olympiad held in Panama.

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