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Iraqi resistance vows to target Israel until Gaza truce

The Islamic Resistance of Iraq has pledged to continue it attacks on Israeli targets until the Zionist regime agrees to establish a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

According to the Palestinian media, the umbrella group of resistance factions in Iraq, said in a statement that resistance fighters are fully prepared to resume their attacks if Israeli occupation forces kept committing crimes against Palestinians.

“Our operations against the Zionist targets in the occupied Palestinian territories will continue until the occupiers adhere to the Gaza ceasefire”.

At the end of this statement, the Islamic Resistance declared that it remains committed to achieving the two goals of liberating Iraq from the American occupation and supporting Palestinians in their struggle against the Zionist occupation.

The Islamic Resistance has conducted several attacks recently on Israeli targets.

On Wednesday, it targeted the power plant of Haifa city airport in occupied Palestine with drones, plunging the city into darkness. That’s days after, the group said that it had attacked a chemical warehouse in Haifa port, also with drones.

Since the onset of the Israeli genocidal war on Gaza, regional resistance groups including Iraq’s Islamic Resistance keep targeting US and Israeli interests in an effort to exert pressure on the regime to end its bloodshed in Gaza.

The Islamic Resistance of Iraq has repeatedly targeted US military bases in Iraq and Syria for Washington’s illegal military presence in the two Arab countries as well as its support for the Israeli crimes in Gaza.

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