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Mishaal’s mother passes away in Amman



The mother of Hamas’s political bureau chief Khaled Mishaal passed away in the Jordanian capital, Amman, on Saturday evening. According to an official Hamas source in Lebanon, Mishaal’s mother, Fatima, will be laid to rest following the Asr (afternoon) prayer on Sunday, September 4, in Amman.

Mishaal is due to arrive in Amman on the same day to attend the funeral and burial services to be held for his mother and to receive condolences from mourners.

The Hamas leader had visited Amman for several day last January to see his mother, who suffered a health problem then. For its part, the Hamas Movement has expressed, in a statement, its sincere condolences to its political head over the sad news of his mother’s departure, asking Allah Almighty to bestow His mercy upon her and make Paradise her eternal dwelling.

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