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Syrian Army gains ground in western Aleppo as Tiger Forces launch counter-offensive



Fierce clashes are taking place at a crucial battle-zone in southwestern Aleppo as the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) Tiger Forces – backed by Hezbollah (Lebanese paramilitary) – are pushing through two key rebel-held sites during a major government counter-offensive.

Beginning on Sunday afternoon, jets of the Russian Air Force and Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) began pounding jihadist-held areas at the 1070 Apartment Project, Al-Hikmah school, Al-Rashideen neighbourhood, Khan al-Assal and Al-Mutha hill.

Warplanes bombarded the rebel-held region with just minutes inbetween following extensive surveillance conducted by Russian drones in recent days.

Then, in the early hours of Sunday evening, the Tiger Forces and Hezbollah began their first ever joint operation and charged at the 1070 Apartment Project and Al-Mutha hill.

A field correspondent confirmed to Al-Masdar News that the SAA and Hezbollah captured numerous buildings in the 1070 Apartment Project, likely even retaking more than half the aforementioned site, and have infiltrated the adjacent Al-Mutha hill.

Meanwhile, the SAA’s Republican Guard and elements of the SAA’s 1st Division gave fire support by shelling militant positions and targeting any hostile movements.

In the past week, Jaish al-Fateh has mounted two separate offensives on western Aleppo; unfortunately for the jihadist coalition, gains were modest (Dahiyat al-Assad and Minyan) and casualties heavy (over 300 dead).

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