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Military Analyst: Victory in Aleppo Battle Key to Liberation of Entire Syria


A prominent Syrian military analyst described the Aleppo battle as an instance of the toughest civil wars, and said the army’s victory in this battle promises liberation of all parts of Syria from the terrorists’ control.
“Victory in Aleppo will start the domino of terrorists’ annihilation in Syria,” Rajab Deab, a retired Syrian General, told FNA on Tuesday.
He said that the battle in Aleppo is a real strategic battle and a winning card for the full liberation of Syria from the hands of the terrorist groups, which can defuse the US and Israeli plots against the resistance in Syria.
“In the Syrian army and its allies’ military strategy in the war on terrorism, the Aleppo front has been given a priority to initiate purging different parts of Syria from the terrorists,” Deab said.
Field sources in Northern Aleppo reported on Monday that the Syrian army troops and terrorists stationed in Anadan have intensified attacks and counterattacks against each others’ positions.
According to the sources, the Syrian army targeted the terrorists’ gathering centers in Khan Touman and al-Zarba in Aleppo with artillery and missile fire.
Also the National Defense Forces (NDF) shelled the terrorists’ moves in Jamiat al-Zahra region with artilleries and tanks and inflicted heavy toll and damage on them.
Local sources said they heard the sound of a missile blast at Amr al-Qais street in Hai al-Zahra region.
The terrorists’ positions in the Western parts of Rasoul Azam grand mosque were also targeted by the army, supported by the Syrian warplanes’ airstrikes.
A battlefield source said on Sunday that the Syrian army troops and popular forces, backed by Syrian Air Force, continued advances in the Southern regions of Aleppo province, managing to recapture the al-Asamat region from terrorist groups.
“Pro-government forces engaged in a series of fierce clashes with militant groups in al-Mallah Farms, killing a number of the terrorists as they recaptured Asamat area,” the source noted on Sunday.
Earlier on Sunday, the Syrian army and popular forces backed by the Russian air force hit the terrorists’ military positions in Aleppo, and managed to disconnect their supply routes in the Northern province.
The Syrian army destroyed the military bases of the Takfiri terrorists in Bani Zeid region, Al-Mallah farms, Handarat camp and Castello road while cutting their supply routes in al-Lairmoun road.
Meantime, the military centers of Al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham terrorists groups in Tal Mossayebin and Kafar Joum villages in the Western part of Aleppo came under the Syrian army attack.
The army units also hit the terrorists’ military positions in Hayan and Hraytan villages.

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