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Mikdad: Syrian-Iranian relations will gain achievements in interest of both countries… Abdollahian: Iran supports Syria’s sovereignty and independence

Tehran, SANA-Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Fayssal Mikdad, said that practical steps would be taken to implement the agreements reached upon during President Ebrahim Raisi’s visit to Syria recently.

Mikdad held a press conference with his Iranian counterpart , Hossein Amir Abdollahian, in Tehran on Monday.

Mikdad added “We are satisfied with the developments in the region. Active diplomacy between its countries predicts well for their people, and those seek to obstruct these efforts must know that the Arab people are tired of US hegemony practices that seek to continue Zionist occupation of Arab lands.

Mikdad reiterated Syria’s support for the Palestinians and its condemnation of the crimes against humanity committed by the Israeli occupation against them.

“We support all initiatives for the return of Syrian refugees, but Western countries impede that goal under the pretext that conditions are not suitable,” Mikdad added.

Minister Mikdad stressed “US continues to plunder oil and deprive Syrians of their resources. Furthermore, separatist militias and Turkey are still depriving Hasaka citizens of water”.

“The US occupation must stop its crimes and its army must withdraw from the lands it occupies. The Syrian people will not tolerate this endlessly.” he stated.

“After Syria joined the Arab League summit, the US was shocked and began condemning the Arab countries for their decisions as members of the League. US wants to turn the wheel back, but our Arab brothers will not be subjected to Western blackmail.” Mikdad underlined.

Mikdad described Syrian-Iranian relations as strategic, adding these relations will gain achievements in the interests of both states.

Abdollahian, in turn, said “we discussed regional and international developments and stressed necessity of achieving stability and security in the region away from external interference.

“Iran condemns the repeated attacks of the Zionist entity on Syria, and this entity is the main source of destabilizing security and stability in the region,” Minister Abdollahian went on to say.

The Iranian top diplomat added “US occupation forces support the terrorists in Syria, and we call for their immediate exit from Syrian territory because this will help achieve security and peace in the region.

The Iranian Minister affirmed that his country will continue its efforts to support stability in the region and back Syrian people’s right in defending their country’s sovereignty and independence.

“Stability in the region would not be achieved without the stop of intervention by foreign states, the return of refugees and the removal of western unilateral measures.

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