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Syria: Gov’t Forces Capture more Lands South of Aleppo


The Syrian Army troops and its allies stormed the strongholds of the terrorist groups in Southern Aleppo and forced the militants to withdraw from more territories.
The Syrian soldiers and their Iraqi and Lebanese allies engaged in tough battle with the terrorists of Jeish al-Fatah and pushed them back from the small town of al-Qaraseneh, which ended in the killing of at least 40 terrorists and wounding of many more.

The pro-government forces then started fortifying their positions in the town.

In the meantime, the Syrian army repelled the terrorist groups’ attack to capture the town al-Khalseh and forced them to pull their forces back from the battlefield under the army’s heavy fire.

The Syrian army and its allies also launched joint offensives to capture al-Qarasi from Jeish al-Fatah.

In relevant developments but in Northeastern Aleppo on Friday, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) won more battles against the ISIL in Northeastern Aleppo and freed eight more villages from Takfiri terrorists near the town of Manbij.

“The Kurdish-led SDF stormed the ISIL positions near the strategic town of Manbij and forced the ISIL to retreat from more positions near the villages of Khirbet al-Aswad, Mugharat, Jariyat, Khurfan, Ghazawiyah, Ratouniyah, Jubb al-Qadir and Jubb al-Taweel after hours of non-stop battle,” the sources said, adding, “Then, the SDF fighters advanced to the villages of Rasm Akhdar and Nahid, where they were met with fierce resistance from the ISIL.”

“Clashes are still ongoing near Manbij, but the SDF fighters are steadily advancing,” the sources went on to say.

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