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Majority of Americans see change under President Trump: Poll



A majority of Americans believe Donald Trump will bring change to the United States as president, according to a new poll.

Fifty-three percent of Americans say Trump will do a very or fairly good job and 40 percent say they have a lot of confidence in the billionaire businessman to deal with the economy, a new CNN/ORC Poll shows.

The share of those who trust trump with the economy outpaces the percentage who had that much confidence in Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan before they took office.

Sixty-three percent of those surveyed said they expect the economy to be in good shape a year from now, the highest percentage since September 2012.

However, Americans are divided over whether Trump can reduce the amount of corruption in Washington, with 51 percent saying that is likely.

Half of the respondents also said it is likely the upcoming president will be able to defeat the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group and 48 percent say he will likely build a wall along the US-Mexico border.

Overall, 66 percent say a Trump presidency will bring change to the country, but just 43 percent believe the change will be for the better.

The poll also shows that Trump’s favorability has risen after the November 8 election, with 47 percent having a favorable view of him and 50 percent unfavorable.

A Politico/Morning Consult poll released on Monday also showed that 46 percent of Americans had a very favorable view of Trump, a 9-point increase since the election.

Analysts believe that the real popularity test for Trump would begin when he takes office on January 20. Many of his supporters are looking forward to seeing if the 45th president would deliver on his many campaign promises.

Trump’s campaign had been hit with so many controversies since its inception in early 2015. But the real estate tycoon still managed to stun the world by defeating the heavily-favored Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, in the election.


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