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Lebanese Hezbollah Bloc Hails Aleppo Victory



Hezbollah parliamentary bloc described the liberation of Aleppo from the takfiri terrorists as a great decisive achievement for the Syrian army and allies, considering that it frustrated the international scheme to strike Syria’s stability and integrity.

In a statement which followed its regular meeting, Loyalty to Resistance bloc denounced the Bahraini court’s sentence which stipulates jailing the iconic political activist Sheikh Ali Salman, stressing that the “arbitrary move which is supported by US, UK and Saudi violates the basic rules of the international law.

Hezbollah bloc also fervently deplored the recent terrorist bombing that ripped the Coptic church in Cairo, as well as the terrorist bombings in Baghdad, Istanbul, Sanaa and Nigeria, reiterating the dire need for concerted joint efforts to eradicate the takfiri terrorist networks and its dormant cells in more than one country in the region and the world.

“Loyalty to Resistance” bloc stressed that passing the electoral law in parallel with efforts exerted to form a government is an essential matter, noting that the adoption of full proportionality with a single district or wider districts, previously stated by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, is a mandatory corridor for the rise of a qualifying state for achieving change and reform in the country.

The bloc added that it was closely following up on the course of government formation and the relentless undertaken efforts to eliminate all hurdles standing in the way, in a bid to facilitate the mission of the new president elect and speed up the formation of a national unity government in which all sides partake in shouldering responsibility at this critical transitional juncture and place Lebanon on the right track for the rise of a competent, resilient and fair state.

Hezbollah parliamentary bloc congratulated all the Muslims on the birth day of the mercy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the Christians on the birthday of Prophet Issa bin Mariam (PBUH), hoping that Holy God inspire the humanity to get committed to love, right, honesty as well as faith and reach security and peace.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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