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Latest updates of Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood” launched by Palestinian resistance

Occupied Jerusalem, SANA- Following are the most important updates of Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood” launched by the Palestinian resistance:

-Palestinian resistance destroys a troop carrier and a tank of the Zionist enemy northwest of Gaza with two Al-Yassin 105 missiles.

-Palestinian Health Ministry: A Palestinian martyred from his injuries this morning by Israeli occupation forces’ bullets in al-Bireh city in the West Bank.

-Palestinian media: A journalist and his mother martyred in a bombing by Israeli occupation on the central region of the Gaza Strip.

-Palestinian media: An Israeli occupation soldier killed in a heroic operation by Palestinian resistance near Beit Lid village, east of Tulkarm, West Bank.

-Palestinian Health Ministry: A Palestinian martyred, three others injured by fire of Israeli occupation forces in al-Birah,city, West Bank.

-Palestinian resistance targets a group of Israeli enemy soldiers in Juhr al-Dik, southern Gaza, with an anti-personnel RPG shell.

-Palestinian Resistance: Our fighters clashed on Thursday at dawn with Israeli enemy forces after 6 Merkava vehicles and 4 bulldozers advanced east of Khan Yunis, southern Gaza Strip.

-Palestinian Health Ministry: The number of martyrs in the West Bank in Israeli occupation attacks since the beginning of this year has risen to 340 martyrs, including 132 martyrs since the beginning of the aggression on Gaza Strip.

-Palestinian media: A number of martyrs and wounded in a bombing by Israeli occupation aircraft on a house in al-Zawaida area in central Gaza Strip .

– Palestinian media: 5 martyrs and a number of wounded in a bombing by Israeli occupation boats on a school in al Shati Camp, northern Gaza Strip.

– The occupation continues its massacres in Gaza, and the Palestinian Health Ministry warns of a disaster due to the lack of fuel in hospitals

– Palestinian resistance targets a Zionist enemy tank surrounded by a number of soldiers in Juhr al-Dik area, southern Gaza, with “al-Yassin 105” missile.

– Palestinian media: 3 martyrs and a number of wounded in a bombing by Israeli occupation aircraft on a house in Jabalia camp in northern Gaza Strip.

– Palestinian resistance targets two vehicles of the Zionist enemy in northwestern Gaza with two “al-Yassin 105” missiles.

– Media of Israeli enemy admits the death of one of its soldiers in battles in vicinity of Gaza Strip, which brings the number of soldiers killed in two days to 17.

– Palestinian resistance targets a tank and two bulldozers of Israeli enemy in northwestern Gaza with “”Yasin 105″ missiles

– Lebanese resistance downs an armed Israeli enemy drone with a surface-to-air missile while it was flying over areas on border with occupied Palestine.

– Palestinian Health Ministry: The main generator in the Indonesian hospital stops which puts hundreds of patients and wounded in imminent danger.

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