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Israel’s airstrikes on Gaza draw global condemnation as resistance front vows revenge

Widespread international condemnations have poured in after the Israeli regime carried out fresh airstrikes against the Gaza Strip, leaving at least 13 Palestinians dead and 20 others wounded.

In a statement on Tuesday, Syria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemned the latest Israeli attacks on the besieged enclave, saying such crimes will only strengthen the determination of Palestinian people to continue their struggle against the occupying regime.

The ministry also underlined the need to stop these crimes and hold the Israeli authorities accountable, while emphasizing that Damascus will stand by Palestinians.

Jordan’s Foreign Ministry also denounced the Israeli aggression on Gaza in a statement, saying Amman will continue its efforts to immediately stop the violence and restore calm.

Meanwhile, Turkey’s Foreign Ministry denounced as “unacceptable”the Israeli attacks on Gaza, noting that Ankara expects these tensions to stop before they lead to new conflicts in the region.

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